Hi, I’m KL.Self-portrait of me, KL Parr, in a cap and wearing my glasses. The drawing is in blue pencil and black ink on craft cardstock.

I write primarily within the genres of essay, lyric essay, and poetry. Topically, I wade into the waters of queerness, memory, and identity. I believe that writing can be funny, sad, bewildering, shocking, soothing, and true all at once. As a hobby, I make little (literally small) drawings and paintings.

My most recent lyric essay/poem-thing appears in [PANK] Magazine issue 14. My essay “While You Were Out,” about my father’s death, was recently a top feature on Medium.

I’ve taught poetry, fiction, and expository writing. Check out details for past courses.

I believe service is important. As such, I collaborate with NAMI as a public speaker and advocate for the de-stigmatization of mental illness.

Originally from Texas (hook ’em ) I now reside in Washington, DC.

Pronouns: they/them

As with all good websites, I have a posted a Privacy Policy. If you are interested in how this site handles your data and/or cookies, you should read it. TL;DR: I don’t share anything with anyone.